Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rhonda Vincent - All American Bluegrass Girl

Rounder Records
    Perennial bluegrass favorite Rhonda Vincent’s eleventh album All American Bluegrass Girl is largely a by-the-numbers contemporary bluegrass romp. Overall an enjoyable album, Vincent seems at times muted, especially on numbers such as “Rhythm Of the Wheels” a tune that holds a lot of promise but is lack-luster in its execution. Vincent has also has jumped on the patriotic bandwagon with two songs, both of which miss the mark, so much so that the first “God Bless The Soldier,” which she wrote, falls flat on its face and is totally uninspired. The second, “Till They Came Home,” fares only a little better.

    The spiritually themed songs are the saving grace for All American Bluegrass Girl, in particular “Jesus Built A Bridge To Heaven” is infectious and hard not to join in and sing along with. “Don’t Act,” another spiritual song is a toe-tapping, fast paced tune that does a wonderful job of showcasing Vincent’s sonorous vocal abilities.

    When all is said and done, All American Bluegrass Girl will be largely forgotten though Ms. Vincent certainly will continue to deliver quality bluegrass.