Saturday, July 15, 2006

Jeff Black - Tin Lily


Once in a while an artist comes along that just begs for a further listen. Their music is engaging and pleasant yet simultaneously challenging and poignant. Jeff Black manages to capture your attention with Tin Lily, an album of all original tunes that evokes comparisons to artists as far ranging as Elton John and Randy Newman. Tin Lily as a whole is magnetic in its appeal with radio friendly numbers like “Free At Last” and “These Days,” or thought provoking tunes like ”Hard Way Out,” “Closer” and “Hollow of Your Hand.” The anthem-like “Libertine” draws you into the fabric of the music, making you want to get up and wave your Bic lighter.
What is lacking in Black’s music is a few more definitive hooks in his music and lyrics to take him to stardom. Even so, Tin Lily is a beautiful album with a feel and texture you can almost reach out and touch.

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