Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dreamkiller - Sleepless Dreams

Dreamkiller Music
  Melodic rock concept group Dreamkiller's debut full length album Sleepless Dreams is a compelling and artfully crafted work that imparts a vision splendid, the music itself seemingly transporting you to the dream itself.
  Singer/songwriter/actress/model/business woman Christy Johnson takes the helm of this musical journey that feels at once like a pilgrimage through a mystical landscape. Sleepless Dreams is a concept album that fires on all cylinders with characters Lyrik, Theone, Cliché and Dreamkiller.
  Christy's vocals are clear and powerful, punctuating each song and providing the mystical quality the concept requires.
  The opening tune "Lyric's Battle" sets the stage for the album with it's protagonist vs. antagonist theme which is made more poignant by the compelling narrative that precedes the song itself and which is also found throughout the album.
  No song on the album is more chilling though than the third cut "All or Nothing" which could easily feel at home in a James Bond movie (indeed, everytime I hear it I see the opening graphics of that movie franchise playing in my mind).
  While Christy's vocals and the lyrics illuminate the music, it is the exquisite dynamic instrumentation of the band - Tian Garcia (guitar), Erny Galvan (bass), and David Lanning (drums) that propels the listener into a mystical place.
Dreamkiller's Sleepless Dreams can be purchased on in MP3 format for downloading or the CD can be purchased at Dreamkiller shows while supplies last.

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