Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hephystus - Burn the Page

Spectra Records - 2011
Burn The Page, the new release by Greensboro based Hephystus is a magnificent album replete with original material that evoke memories of a day when ambitious, sprawling and lavishly produced rock albums were a mainstay of rock radio (YES and Emerson, Lake & Palmer come easily to mind). Make no mistake though, Burn The Page is not a rehashing of 70's rock, instead it is fresh, new, progressive metal and full of life.
With the opening riffs of "Moment of Clarity" the tone of the entire album is set. The album's title track "Burn The Page" best exemplifies the complex musical textures found throughout each cut. "Strength," "Malice In Wonderland," and the aforementioned "Burn The Page" each open with instrumentation that is as unique as it is mesmerizing.
"Legacy Pt. I" is an engaging slow tune that really serves more as an introduction to "Permission to Die" a tune heavy on drum work and which seemingly leads the listener on a journey through a musical tapestry that imparts feelings of both adventure and danger before culminating with a conclusion in "Legacy Pt. II."
"No Compromise" and "Origami" provide an appropriate closing for this original album that utilizes Brandon Miller and Matt Halberg's guitar and Aaron Yow's bass parts heavily layered against the exquisitely melodic drums of Troy Surratt and the surging keyboards of Andrew Pollard.

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